Reduce Your Labor/Payroll Burden in 2018

December 20th, 2017|By Jeff Bennett

It is time to plan the winning moves for 2018.

When contractors choose to pay the fringe benefit requirement as additional cash wages they are increasing their cost for payroll tax, workers compensation premiums and possibly liability insurance premiums.  These additional payroll related burdens have an enormous effect on bottom line profits.

Please check out our short animated video which shows how contractors are using the DirectAdvisors Trust to lower labor/payroll burden costs by moving prevailing wage fringes out of payroll and into bona fide benefits to increase profits, win more bids and improve employee morale.

To learn more visit us at and read our most recent whitepapers – “Working the Fringe” and “Harnessing the Power of Supplemental Unemployment Plans.”

How we can help

DirectAdvisors, established in 2001 and located in Albany, New York provides bona fide benefit plan consulting and third party administrative services to merit / merit shop (non-union) construction companies that are subject to the Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act and state prevailing wage regulations.  Our clients are located throughout the United States and range in size from 10 to 3,000 employees.

Last year, our construction company clients contributed tens of millions of dollars of prevailing wage fringe benefit contributions to The DirectAdvisors Trust (health & welfare benefits) and retirement plans managed by our team.

Our solutions are free from any conflict of interest as we do not sell any financial or insurance products.  We work with existing agents, brokers and insurance companies.

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